Leverage These 8 Web3 Work Trends to Advance Your Career

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5 min readApr 12, 2023
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Future-proof your career in the blockchain realm.

It’s the right time and the right place.

Despite the FUD derived from America’s Operation Choke Point, the Web3 online workplace is expanding as fast as leading-edge blockchain technologies, where decentralized networks unleash data like a torrent (figuratively and literally!). If you haven’t begun working in Web3, now is the perfect time.

Is Web3 a good career choice?

Not only are you getting in early, but the level of innovation in decentralized tech and digital assets is extremely high. With the open-source nature of blockchain tech, unlimited innovation potential, and extensible infrastructure, Web3 is next-level compared with the dot com boom.

If you are a curious entrepreneur, an IRL professional, or an online freelancer, there are plenty of vibrant workplaces and jobs in the Web3 space. From developers and on-chain analysts to virtual hosts, graphic designers, and community managers, there is a plum job waiting in any one of the many Web3 niches:

  • DeFi
  • Wallet services
  • BTC mining
  • Exchanges
  • Gaming
  • NFTs
  • Metaverse
  • DAOs
  • And many more.

So, if you’re thinking about making the plunge into the world of crypto (or diving in deeper), study these 8 Web3 trends to gain an advantage and boost your career.

1. The use of AI and the quickening of content

ChatGPT is the new must-have AI tool for Web3 work. Artificial intelligence is a natural fit with Bitcoin and blockchains because data is the name of the game.

Use ChatGPT to:

  • Find topics
  • Optimize headings for SEO
  • Create outlines for content
  • Summarize technical concepts
  • And almost any other copywriting task.

The above query took less than a second to complete!

Start using ChatGPT and introduce yourself to your new, free, professional copywriter and analyst and 10x your content creation abilities.

2. Got a wallet address on your resume?

If you’re working with a Web3 startup, particularly a DAO, you’ll likely need to show you can manage a crypto wallet for voting and governance purposes.

Be prepared to share your online credentials, such as a public wallet address, so hiring teams can assess your familiarity with and activities on Web3 projects.

3. Mainstream freelancers are moving in

Freelancers are individual entrepreneurs who are already equipped with the skills to navigate digital workspaces. They are now sliding into the Web3 space at a steady clip.

But the market for Web3 work is so large and still in its nascent stage, you can easily carve out your niche. Start specializing now and you’ll always be ahead of newcomers to Web3 if you steadily create and grow in your work

4. DAO jobs are different & it’s complicated

As a completely new work structure that requires some technical ability, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is Web3’s answer to the corporation. But it’s decentralized, or at least it’s heading that way.

Due to its very nature, a DAO has a different set of work “norms”:

  • For instance, in running social media, a large team of freelancers and users of a platform may be contributing to social media management through Tweet Deck.
  • You may need to put through a work proposal to work in a DAO.
  • Getting a job and getting paid may require a governance vote.
  • Tokens may be part of your salary.
  • Your work-week hours will be self-driven and you will work with people from all over the planet.

All you need is a willingness to learn; generally, the DAO community will guide you to learning the ropes. But in many cases working in a DAO means you are part of the “company” and not just an underling.

5. There are plenty of non-tech Web3 jobs

Some folks may think they need to be an engineer to work in Web3, and while it certainly will be helpful (and potentially more lucrative), it’s not a requirement.

I can attest to this since I’ve been working full-time in Web3 for six years and have only just begun learning Python and have limited HTML abilities. My work has been primarily in operations, content strategy, and copywriting.

Image source: Kickresume

6. Stablecoins make a great payroll option

I don’t know about you, but working in a global environment in the crypto space is going to eventually lead you to getting paid in stablecoins. The benefits of using stables for payroll include:

  • Instant payments
  • Trackable and transparent
  • Transfers instantly to other cryptos
  • In the case of centralized exchanges, instant transfers to fiat
  • No crypto capital gains or losses to deal with due to their stable price
  • Zero fees for transferring to crypto or fiat.
  • Liquidity, liquidity, liquidity.

I’ve had several clients in the last year who wanted to pay me via an INTERNATIONAL WIRE TRANSFER. The first time, I said just never mind. I don’t want to give an anonymous Web3 individual in Switzerland my banking account number and personal information, thank you very much.

The second time, I said ok because the client was a former Google product head, so I let it slide :) But the preference today and every day is PAY ME IN STABLES!

7. Close up shop on the “I’m open for offers” tag

As boring and annoying as it can be, LinkedIn is a powerful platform for job searches. I’ve noticed that my profile gets more hits when my “open for offers” tag is OFF! For some reason, headhunters want to poach you. So cast your web and let the recruiters find you — they are smart, fast, and looking for you!

8. The proliferation of Web3 jobs platforms

Rule Numero Uno — you don’t need a platform to find Web3 work.

  1. You can use any number of crypto job listing sites to connect with potential employers.
  2. Try joining a Web3 project you’re interested in; start participating in its social accounts to get to know the community and moderators. Then watch for needs and think up solutions
  3. My personal fav: Go to the websites for the projects you want to work for, scroll to the bottom, and look for a “Careers” link.

I truly hope this article was helpful in your journey into Web3 work. Being a part of the blockchain revolution is an opportunity filled with excitement and potential — I hope you get a chance to experience it in full!